ORTY Features

Weighing out Square vs. Toast? Go with the company that offers robust software and durable hardware designed specifically for restaurants.

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In one click you can get the whole restaurant system up and running by downloading the app from the Store to any type of device that is powered by Android.

Sales Analytics

Gather, store and control all the data from your establishment in one place. Build diverse analytics and watch over the working progress in real-time retrospectives.

Loyalty program & CRM

Import or build your Client’s base, manage all the customer's activities in the CRM system. Create and set up your unique loyalty program

Digital Ordering System

Get your app and website out-of-the-box for your Clients to enjoy a quick and convenient way of 21st-century ordering.

Table management

Divide your restaurant into zones and create QR codes and table-tents with QR so the ordering process is even more simple and contactless.

Inventory management

Import the products or create them in the system, manage and receive notifications regarding the stock. Control the transactions made and, together with your team, work on stock counts.

Cloud POS system

Get all the restaurant management functions and a POS app in one cloud system. Manage your clients base, inventory, and analytics here.

Creating menu

Upload or create from scratch the menu of your establishment, add description, tags, and modifiers. Adjust the settings and connect external systems for optimizing your work.

Employee management

Create and guide your team, divide the roles and build reports based on each employee's performance in real-time.

Communications management

With the help of a built-in CMS, you can create posts and easily publish them for your Clients. You also have the opportunity to bring the internal and external communications to the whole other level creating and using bots.


Optimize the experience of your customers with agile and contactless software, KDS and ADS apps two in one.

Chain management

Manage your whole network as easily as one establishment with the help of the chain management solution. Get the group website and customize it to your demands.

Delivery management

Setup and customize to your needs the delivery service, get a unique chance to control own curbside pickup point. Make integrations with courier companies and always stay in contact with your messengers.