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Get the software for inventory management that will help your establishment track stock, calculate real-time food costs, track related spendings, and control semi-finished products.

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Inventory tracking has never been easier

Together with your team, do more in less time with the new possibilities provided by our inventory control software. This is a new era in the management of inventories, where you can easily communicate with your staff, be aware of the numbers and state of your business while being anywhere in the world.

The inventory POS system empowers you to:

Track stock level

  • Add all your stock (ingredients, semi-products, subproducts) by importing them in bulk or manually
  • Keep track of the rest of your establishment for example, directly in the POS system for Cafeteria or any other business!
  • Working simultaneously with your team conducting the inventory

Сollect data in one place

  • Mobile app and web accessibility will allow your employees to manage reserves from any device and any location, and using the digital menu ordering system you will increase the number of orders
  • Multiple establishments can be connected to one IMS
  • Provide full or elected access for each employee
  • A detailed inventory is always available in mobile mode, with autosaving

Detailed analytics of products

  • Get the detailed history of transactions for each ingredient
  • Control all of the conducted operations
  • Manage all the analytical data in one place
  • Use one of the best cost accounting methods (FEFO)