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Take the tools for launching and improving the work of your business to a brand new level together with our POS software for restaurants.

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An ultimate Retail management system that syncs between all platforms

Third party integrations don’t sync together resulting in incorrect items, pricing differences, and customers placing orders they shouldn’t. ORTY fixes this by offering it all together in one platform. Time to ditch 3rd party!

Setup registers & self service kiosks
Mobile App
Dedicated customer ordering app
Website Orders
Branded online ordering website
Manage delivery on your own
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Managing customer retention is #1 growth opportunity for 99% of Retail Businesses

Know your customers at scale – ORTY CRM will collect all customers data and segment them for you.

Powerful promo and gift cards deliver any offer you can imagine:

  • buy 2 takeaway get 1 free
  • second item is 50% off on Tuedays
  • buy 5 coffee get 1 free
  • voucher for 3 breakfasts
  • 10% cashback on delivery

… and so much more

Announce your promotions in

  • Facebook messenger
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Customer app push notifications

And the best part is that you can do it separately per each customer segment! Address only those whom you choose to!

Our advanced reports filters will provide you with all the needed information, using which you will be able to track:

  • whether the customer is new or returning one;
  • ROI for online marketing campaigns; particular products that customers come back for;
  • the satisfaction per customer segment;

… and so much more!

Simple to start

Set up your Retail Business in just one day!

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Import files & data
Drag & drop your existing files and gift cards from any POS.
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Select hardware
Use your existing hardware or buy extra tablets & readers from us.
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Start selling
Upgrading your business becomes fast and straightforward with ORTY.

Why Retail industry companies choose ORTY?

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Acquire an all-in-one management system with online orders linked up to the website.
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Increase your profits with online ordering and customized loyalty programs. Improve your customer retention campaigns with a built-in CRM system.
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Use one intuitive app for your POS. Get software with simple pricing, great support, and a system that just works.
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Control suspicious activities, manage your team and always be in the loop.
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Receive an inventory management app in your pocket.
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Automatically collected and measured data helps you make the best decisions for your business.
Order System

One tool to power your Retail Business

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Dedicated human support
Available every single day
Point of Sale &
Digital orders
Inventory management
Marketing &
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