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Customized Offer Creation

The best way to thank a customer for purchase and increase loyalty to your brand is with a gift.


By presenting a gift you not only show you care but also boost sales. Satisfied clients will return and recommend your establishment to their friends.


With the help of a present, you can spread advertising about your institution on social networks and influence the target audience, thereby stimulating the next purchase.

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In ORTY you can easily create 4 types of adjustable vouchers and distribute them to your Clients.

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Set up the distribution options for each gift.

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Create unlimited promo codes and download automatically generated QR codes.

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Make up your own loyalty system and create programs for it as well.

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Put in place and adapt your discount and cashback programs.

Chatbot alerts

Link the ORTY system with your messengers and always be on top of things. Chatbot connecting is available not only to the customers but also to your personnel to receive daily reports and constant updates on current work. There is a frequent problem in Nightclubs when you hear nothing because of the music. Use Nightclub POS which is connected to a chatbot and don't miss anything.

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Allow your customers to track their order status via a restaurant chatbot. You can even receive feedback about the end of the product via chat bot using software for managing inventory .

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Make sure your staff is coordinated and informed with the help of a bot. They will get all new orders and you will be sure, they don't miss one.

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Marketing analytics tracking

Make sure that you are gathering all the necessary information regarding restaurant marketing campaigns. Follow up on the received data and find fresh trends and the source of those trends in analytics.

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Control marketing campaigns for restaurants in ORTY, track the gifts and vouchers you have sent to your Client.

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Add new customers directly from the POS when taking an order and give them discounts, cards, and a chance to become a loyalty program member, while the system is tracking all your activities with Clients.

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Manage the Client data on loyalty programs, amount of cashback, or available discounts with a multifunctional CRM.

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Track all-around analytics on promotions and discounts from all your customers' perspectives.