Network Management Solutions for Restaurants

With ORTY, restaurant chain management is easy. You can conveniently control all parameters in one application, switching between the establishments.

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Data Management and Control In a Restaurant Chain

You will receive an automatically generated website, ready to use right away to optimize time and workload for your chain restaurant management, as well as retail, for example, one of the most popular fitness club management software.

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Improve your chain store management with an adjustable group website, generated automatically.

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Set up SEO parameters in each restaurant so the customers can find your establishment easily.

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Connect Google Tag Manager (GTM) and track clicks and events with marketing campaigns for restaurants.

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Track aggregated data from the chain regarding the sales analytics and track each restaurant statics individually.

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Value-added features

ORTY restaurant supply chain solution will improve and exponentially simplify the routine working process with you being able to control the whole retail management network as one enterprise.

Enterprise Reporting

  • Control the sales in retrospect, be aware of the shady operations, and see the working process of your chain online
  • Quickly switch between your institutions to see complete reports 
on sales

Central Menu Management

  • Create and control all your legal entities in our network solution
  • Make a unified menu for the whole network and manage it from one place

Central CRM

  • Unify your client base through the entire network. This way, you get better segmentation, customer retention, and anticipation of their needs
  • Adjust the promotions, vouchers, and loyalty programs for the chain in a few clicks
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