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These tools will help you set a sales plan and track the facts of its implementation, check suspicious transactions, build reports and monitor statistics not only for the selected period but also in real-time.

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Daily statistics

In ORTY, you may track the analytics in retrospect to days and/or hours. This option comes in handy when you are to see the most busy or quiet hours during the day. You can also learn the quantity and the sums obtained during the chosen time span.

Overseeing suspicious operations and orders

To always be on top of things in your own establishment there is no need to sit for hours and oversee all the orders and operations, we have already taken care of that for you.

The system automatically displays the information in a table, where you can open the data about the particular suspicious order or operation.

And using softwares for supply chain management you will be able to track the entire history of the movement of goods. This will protect you from shortages and make inventory easier.

Analyzing the percent of the product mix

This option will allow you to track the sales percentage of a particular dish in your establishment. All the dishes are displayed in the table, conveniently highlighted with specific colors depending on the percentage.

This simple but yet very effective development is tracked automatically, you can oversee any Category of the dish and learn what are the most popular positions, the number of dishes sold, and the total profit.

Tracking sales

Formation of any desired analytics due to the employment of the filters like cohorts and service mode.


Setting the plan value for the chosen time span, building the plan/fact angle. You can use a POS for any type of business. For example, using the pos system for grocery store you will track all operations in your point from anywhere.


Receiving a clear picture on the state of your establishment provided by simple and intelligible analytics visualization.


We use chats and circular diagrams to improve your experience and to simplify information processing. In diagrams, you can find such data as customer retention, average feedback, payment method, and time in status of the dishes served in your establishment.

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Working with real-time statistics

Track the number of orders, ones that have already been served and those in progress, as well as their cost and any additional information you might be interested in real-time statistics.


This type of analytics will also show you information on unissued orders, their quantity, and value. This will give you an idea of how many orders have been created at the tables or through the self-service website, for which payment has not yet been submitted.

Controlling promotions

Interesting promotions and discounts at any establishment are a great way to increase the flow of visitors and make their visits more regular, as well as increase profits during a sales downturn.

In ORTY, you can conveniently create and control promotions and special price-reducing deals in one system, apply various filters, create cohorts of visitors and actively work with your Clients.

It is possible to learn not only the percent of the discount on each dish but also track the date and cashier who was responsible for the sale.

Working with reports

Synchronized work with your team is a valuable point, which may not come easy, but in ORTY we have gathered all the reports in one place and established a way of constant communication with the staff.

Using filters you can see any report in relation to date or cashier. The report itself holds important data like the orders with the statuses, orders returned, orders canceled, cash drawer open (number of openings). 

If you wish to obtain even more detailed information you can receive a history detailing the register opening, as well as the time and purpose of its opening.

Managing sales per staff

Always be aware of the sales level in retrospect to each team member, in ORTY you can see the number of issued orders and the status the order has undergone when being processed by the cashier. 

  • It is easy to customize the filters and build the desired analyses.
  • You can track every order, with the ability to further look at more detailed information on it.