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Get to know your customers. In the ORTY CRM system, you can collect all the Client’s data in one place, which makes it extremely convenient to manage promotional campaigns and track analytical information as well as use loyalty program software.

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Customer profiles

There definitely are solid perks of using the CRM system in any type of establishment:

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Add new clients to the system either manually or in bulk by conveniently importing a file

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Store all the data like emails, phones, and birthdays in one system

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Track the source, where this particular client came from

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Edit any profile by clicking on one button

Engage and manage your customers

Constantly work and cooperate with your Client base:

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Send them messages and vouchers, through different communication channels

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Create and assign personal programs with customer loyalty software

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Track and allocate the amount of cashback

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Mark and manage customers by adding your own tags to them

CRM makes life easier

In the ORTY system, you can create your own unique cohorts, by using filters to make any groups you would wish to work with in the future.


There exists a very convenient function to utilize in the system, you can employ bulk actions by assigning tags and/or assign loyalty programs to any amount of chosen Clients from your base.


When putting an order using, for example, the winery POS app your staff will always know the Client’s data, filled in the profile including their loyalty programs, the amount of accumulated cashback, and available vouchers to add. And using the waiter online the staff can take the order remotely via QR code, quickly process it and send it to the kitchen. This reduces the time it takes to get an order and allows you to serve your client faster.


Employing CRM in the hospitality industry is the necessary measure if you wish to know your Clients, their needs, wishes, and preferences.

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