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A restaurant table management system is what every establishment should have to get highly efficient results, working joint forces with all the staff, using restaurant seating charts, and always knowing where your Client wishes to take the order.

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It's easy to design your floor plan

In ORTY, we have developed a restaurant table management software that makes it easy to design your table placing, take orders by the table, and manage capacity – helping you provide well-coordinated service.

Divide your establishment by zones and assign table numbers

Create tables with the capacity specification

With one click, download automatically generated table QR codes and table-tents with QR

Smoother reservations

Using the self-service website your clients can always reserve tables for themselves during a simple process of placing an order.

The staff is always aware of the reserved tables, which orders at what time should be cooked and brought there, and who were the Clients placing the order

Clients have the ability to choose from all the available tables for themselves

Employing this table reservation system saves a great deal of time both for the restaurant and the Client

Planning and Control with Table Monitoring

Keep track of the data to help you manage the entire ordering process. Increase your productivity and improve the guest experience with modern automation in dashboard for sales

Get complete analytics on the order, table number, guest, the sum of the check, and the cashier who handled the process

Easily delete, edit, and replan your zones, tables, and numbers, you can do it right in your POS system for Bakery in your bake shop.

Monitor the entire process from one system and, if necessary, quickly apply changes to empower your business

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