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Building a menu or uploading it from the file has never been so easy. Create a restaurant menu in a matter of minutes.

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Сreating dishes cards

In the ORTY system, you can create and directly set up for use:

Creating menu (4)

Unlimited categories for each product

Creating menu (6)

Products. Their prices, descriptions, and tags

Creating menu (8)

Various modifiers. Such as packaging, single and multiple select ones

Creating menu (10)

Upsell option, which allows you to insert additional modifiers

Creating menu (12)

Additional settings for each dish. Adjusting the payment methods, paying with cashback, applying loyalty reward programs , and delivery options

Creating menu (14)

Connection to the internal systems, such as 1C

Creating menu (16)

SKU or tax group

Creating menu (18)
Creating menu (20)

Adding menus and dishes

Import Excel restaurant menu file or create a food menu you desire:

Creating menu (22)

Set up the time when your menu is available to customers

Creating menu (24)

Make the dishes in the menu available either on POS or the Self-service website or make them available on both

Creating menu (26)

Add legal entities and connect them to the dishes. Thus, the fiscalization process would be much more manageable for staff

Creating menu (28)

Add products to the Stop list. That would give you the ability to stop selling chosen products either on POS or the Self-service website or make them unavailable on both

Creating menu (30)

Use ORTY POS for different types of business, for example as a Hotel POS or a POS system for Pizza Restaurant .