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Take the tools for launching and improving the work of your Pizzeria to a brand new level together with our POS software for restaurants. ORTY keeps up with the speed of your business and helps you handle customers’ orders quickly and easily

Connect an unlimited number of different devices to the app.

Android-powered and intuitive display makes the setup process simple.

Top range possibilities to customize the setting for your great business.

Online picture of the work well-done

  • Instantly receive information on orders, view order history, and check who’s shift it is today, online from any corner of the world.
  • Switch to the back office, storage, or the other Pizzeria from your network and look over the data in real-time.
  • Keep track of all the client’s and staff activities during business hours and get notifications on suspicious actions, automatically detected by the quick pos system for Pizzeria.

Get to know your Clients

  • Learn your clients’ needs, wishes and preferences by employing the CRM –  customer relation management.
  • Manage and engage with your customers by creating and gathering data into their profiles.
  • Make up and introduce your own loyalty program to the shop.

Offer the best promotion activities

  • Create personal promo offers in ORTY yourself and surprise your customers.
  • Send them vouchers, presents, and messages through different communication channels.
  • Track the analytics of each promotion campaign you have launched.

Boost up your business with the modern and contactless self-service platform

  • Optimize your ordering process with QR codes and an e-menu. QR codes may be used in hotels to take orders for pizza. In that case, use our POS system for Hotel. This makes it possible to punch through the order and put the rental on the room in one application.
  • Set up different delivery options inside the shop or connect the external courier system.
  • Let your buyers place orders ahead, so on Friday night, you won’t get swamped.
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How to open your Pizzeria with ORTY?

Launching or improving your business with ORTY software, you already have a significant advantage next to the competitors. We are going to guide you along the shortest path from registration to the first sale in only 3 steps:

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Set up the establishment or a chain of them

Add new establishments, by filling in the required information. Adjust the business type, order management, and specify financial settings.

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Create menu

For any establishment, a menu is a carte-de-visite. In ORTY you can add Categories, Dishes, Drinks, set the modifiers, and make a technical card on each dish.

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Add staff

The final step is adding your team. Enter the necessary information to create their accounts, specify their roles and adjust the operation rights in the system.

Reporting & Analytics for Pizzerias

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Track your sales and form any desired analytics by using service mode and cohorts filters.

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Look through shift reports and Z-reports (end-of-day reports) that are generated and submitted by staff.

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Work with real-time statistics and receive a clear picture on the state of your establishment provided by simple and intelligible analytics visualization.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start using ORTY for Pizzeria?

To start using ORTY as a Pizza POS system, click on the top page “Start for free”. Follow the instructions, register your establishment and download the app. 

After that, fill the menu with the items that you sell. Enter the price, add a category and a photo. 

Customize your payment methods for your Pizzeria and get ready to have your first sales! 

Why is our POS for Pizzeria convenient?

If you compare different POS systems for Pizza in ORTY allows you to instantly change the settings without going through a bunch of authorizations and links. 

You can set up an online catalog and sell online now! 

A convenient price change function and stop list of goods directly in the POS for Pizza will allow you to make changes without wasting much time. 

Can I use ORTY for several Pizzerias at the same time?

Yes, of course, you can register an unlimited number of Pizzerias for work. The price will be calculated for each establishment separately, depending on the functionality used there. 

Working with a network of establishments will allow you to view the analysis of different points and see general information on all establishments. 

What kind of pricing plan will be better for Pizza?

Depending on your needs, you will be provided with different functionalities in POS Pizza

  • POS – if you plan to create sales only in the establishment or take-out. 
  • Online catalog – useful for online sales. Customers will be able to make their own orders on your website created with the help of ORTY. 

What other types of business are suitable for ORTY?

ORTY may be used for every type of business. For example, some of the most popular are: