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Get all-in-one POS software for bars

We have aggregated many helpful tools for launching and improving the work of your bar with our bar point of sale. Orty can keep up with the speed of your business and help you handle customers’ orders quickly and easily.

Connect an unlimited number of different devices to the app.

Android-powered and intuitive display makes the setup process simple.

Top range possibilities to customize the setting for your great business.

Online picture of the work well-done

  • Instantly receive information on orders, view order history, and check who’s shift it is today, online from any corner of the world.
  • Switch to the back office, storage, or the other bar from your network and look over the data in real-time.
  • Keep track of all the client’s and staff activities during business hours and get notifications on suspicious actions, automatically detected by the system.

Get to know your Clients

  • Learn your clients, needs, wishes, and preferences by employing the CRM system.
  • Manage and engage with your customers by creating and gathering data into their profiles.
  • Make up and introduce your own loyalty program to the bar.

Offer the best promotion activities

  • Create personal promo offers in ORTY yourself and surprise your customers.
  • Send them vouchers, presents, and messages through different communication channels.
  • Track the analytics of each promotion campaign you have launched.

Boost up your business with the modern and contactless self-service platform

  • Optimize your ordering process with QR codes and an e-menu.
  • Set up different delivery options inside the bar or connect the external courier system.
  • Let your buyers place orders ahead, so on Friday night, you won’t get swamped.
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How to open your pub with ORTY?

Launching or improving your business with ORTY software, you already have a significant advantage next to the competitors. We are going to guide you along the shortest path from registration to the first sale in only 3 steps:

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Set up the establishment or a chain of them

Add new establishments, by filling in the required information. Adjust the business type, order management, and specify financial settings.

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Create menu

For any establishment, a menu is a carte-de-visite. In ORTY you can add Categories, Dishes, Drinks, set the modifiers, and make a technical card on each dish.

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Add staff

The final step is adding your team. Enter the necessary information to create their accounts, specify their roles and adjust the operation rights in the system.

Reporting & Analytics for bar

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Track your sales, form any desired analytics due to the employment of the filters like cohorts and service mode.

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Look through shift reports, Z-reports (end-of-day reports), generated and submitted by staff.

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Work with real-time statistics and receive a clear picture on the state of your establishment provided by simple and intelligible analytics visualization.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start using ORTY?

To begin with, look at the available tariffs we propose for you, choose one or both of them which you feel are the most fitting for your business model.

Contact our specialists directly by clicking on the chat button in the right corner below or pressing the “Get started” button, and you will be redirected to the authorization page, where you can create a new account and sign in.

If you have questions or you are not sure which tariff is the best for you, contact our specialists, who will gladly provide assistance to you. 

Can I choose one of the tariffs, either Digital Ordering or Restaurant Management?

Yes, you can choose one tariff or both of them.

In the Digital Ordering tariff, the price depends on the number of orders. 

In the Restaurant Management tariff, the price is fixed per month.

Note that you will receive 14 days free trial, after which the pricing will start if you decide to use the ORTY app.

How can I change my pricing plan?

You can easily do that by contacting our support team.

Please, pay attention, that in case the quantity of orders exceeds your package, the tariff is going to be automatically changed, and you will be charged according to the order quantity*.

Also, in case the quantity of orders does not reach the amount stated in your package, the tariff is going to be automatically changed and you will be charged according to the order quantity*.

*Applies only to the Digital Ordering software use.

Can I integrate and use other apps with ORTY?

Yes, there are a number of apps you can connect and utilize for improving your business and the experience of using ORTY.

More information on the additional apps you can receive in the Support center or by contacting our specialists.

How can I get the delivery options?

For setting up work with the delivery processes, you need to choose the Digital Ordering tariff.